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The SpyroFramework


The SpyroFramework empowers you, to design websites with WordPress quickly, easily and with incredible flexibility.

8Reasons to choose the SpyroFramework

  • Responsive HTML5 Designs

    Responsive HTML5 Designs

    Spyropress offers an array of beautiful themes for your content that are built with responsive styling in mind rather than making it an after thought.

  • Drag & Drop Page Builder

    Drag & Drop Page Builder

    Never touch HTML again, Spyropress brings the revolutionary drag and drop layout builder. Be free to add anything in any place you want and be in control of everything.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    State-of-the-art code and smart design architecture allowing search engines to see your content, make your site more noticeable in search engines TODAY!

  • Advanced Theme Options Panel

    Advanced Theme Options Panel

    Each of our themes comes with an friendly and intuitive option panel. You'll love altering fundamental aspects of your site all with few clicks.

  • Customizable and Fast

    Customizable and Fast

    Spyropress makes customizing your site easy, but without bloated code that slows down your site. Don't sacrifice performance for options and in 2013 that's an essential difference.

  • Amazing Support

    Air Tight Security

    Features don’t mean a thing if your site’s not secure. Choose Spyropress, which adheres to WordPress security best practices, and it will be.

  • Instant Updates

    Instant Updates

    In a snap, update the code that runs in the background all while keeping the look and feel of your site just the way you want it.

  • Amazing Support

    Amazing Support

    We catch all your requests, no matter they are coming via email or helpdesk and respond to it. Our themes documentation and tutorials offer great information to help you along the way.

The SpyroBuilder

Create amazing WordPress sites with no coding knowledge

SpyroBuilder is a total design suite and powerful content builder at the same time. SpyroBuilder is lace with its Custom Module API and also tightly integrated with WordPress Sidebars and Widget API.


Our team stands ready to assist you at all times. With multiple ways to get in touch, including forums, ticket system, live chat and telephone, you will always find what you need.


  • I never knew it could be so simple to put together a world class looking website. Spyropress makes that happen. Every theme is beautiful in its simplicity and design. The best part is that it looks and functions like a site costing thousands.

    Rich Evans - Founder

  • I have had the most amazing, ongoing support from Spyropress. The themes are rock solid, and the support team is always patient with my amateur questions. I adore Spyropress and all of their people, and will continue to make it known to my connections!

    Laura Lyons - Creative Officer

  • Spyropress has made it possible for me to start my own website, on my own. But really, I'm not alone, Spyropress has been there the whole time answering and guiding me through all of my questions. Their support is unbelievable and their themes are gorgeous!

    Raymond Smith - Founder

  • I'm so thankful that I chose to have my site built on Spyropress. The design flexibility and customization is incredible. While the consistency and performance is unmatched.

    Danielle Lewis - Designer