The What

We craft beautiful WordPress themes that are professionally designed to help your site standout in the crowd. All at an affordable price.

Our design philosophy is centered around simplicity. We focus on clean lines, white space and solid colors to create an aesthetic which is both modern and timeless. We aim to enhance your content, not outshine it.

The Who

Spyropress is made up of a small group of designers and developers. Shakeeb Ahmed and Yawar Ahmed make up the core team. We regularly collaborate with other talented designers to bring fresh ideas and products to our customers.

Our themes are now enjoyed by thousands of designers, developers, artists, photographers, bloggers and business owners around the world.

The Why

Because we love WordPress. Having used WordPress as a solution for our clients in the past, we wanted to help grow the community which has served us so generously.

We’re proud to be part of a community which is truly changing the world. Code is poetry.

The When

The Spyropress core team have been involved with WordPress development since 2009.

The first publicly released themes which would later form the basis of Spyropress were released in 2013. The MantraThemes website launched in late 2013.