Could WooCommerce Do More To Avoid Upgrade Complications?

In my recent experiences, it seems a site that uses anything but a stock install of WooCommerce should be afraid to upgrade. Custom templates are allowed but tend to break on upgrade, just had a payment gateway break this week because of a change Woo made (I've read support threads of several payment gateway plugins having issues). I love the software, but I think they could do a better job making sure templates and expensive payment extensions work with the latest version. People can't afford to have downtime. Writing to their support takes them a week to reply and even then, they rarely give answers. Solution If a site can't afford to have downtime, that site should have a staging environment where changes can be tested before bringing those changes live. I'm not sure how WooCommerce can guarantee that a template works correctly if it's been customized. By customizing things, Continue reading →