20 Broken Letter Logo Examples for Your Inspiration

It’s sufficiently intense to make a successful and important logo design, not to mention one that utilizations typography alone. In any case, frequently getting down to the minimum necessities is the place the most amazing arrangements and splendid thoughts rise. Letters convey an immediate message to the peruser, but at the same time they’re visual components that can differ in shading, shape and identity. This makes them particularly well known with regards to the look of an organization’s logo; only two or three letters can pass on a universe of significance.

In any case, it likewise makes them exceptionally dubious to work with. In spite of the fact that it has novel points of interest contrasted with other logo configuration styles, utilizing a blend of typography as a visual segment can be an intense tightrope to walk, particularly when you need it to speak to your whole image.

Broken letter logo is another in vogue path for mark distinguishing proof. It`s astonishing how once in a while irregularity can be great and broken letter logo is incredible illustration. So in the event that you have an inclination that you`re lacking innovativeness and are experiencing difficulty with unique logo outlines, here are 20 best broken letter logo designs for motivation.


The name “Annecy” appreciates a generally spread picture, that of an outstanding living condition on the shores of the lake and mountains. This name as of now conveying estimations of personal satisfaction and remarkable setting. Along these lines the designer has also settled on effortlessness by making a typographic logo.



Here comes one stunning broken logo design by the Tyler Conway titled as Milmore. It has just one letter M which seems to be broken between the middle part giving it a very classy look. The design looks quite eye-catching.



How stunning is this logo designed by Alla Avitko for Samurai studio? You can see that the SAMURAI part has been cut off from the middle which seems it has been cut off with a knife where you can also see some red outline where it has been cut off from.


One Design

Maurizio Pagnozzi is an Italian designer, workmanship executive and instructor. One Design is his visual communication studio spent significant time in marking, corporate personality and bundling. His works has been distributed in a few online displays and uplifting books. These are a few logos that he has made, all ventures for universal customers.



This is a logo created for a photography site. The designer needed to make a look and feel that complimented her photography which is present day and needed a look that did exclude a camera or focal point like so this was the perfect design the designer came up with.



STOR9_ consolidates this present reality of competitors with the brand by giving elite substance to its fans. STOR9_ is a gathering of pros with involvement in working for the greatest imaginative and PR offices. The logo is extremely creative where you can just see the half letters.



Logo design for this undertaking was finished by Aleksey Busygin. All photographs are copyrighted to their particular proprietors and were utilized just in show purposes with a specific end goal to set the specific quality level without bounds picture content.


Construction Logo

This is a logo designed by Julian Nozoe for a construction company. You can see that some letters are broken which looks absolutely stunning and a lot creative. The logo looks quite neat and the color combination makes it a lot more eye-catching which is sure to be loved by everyone.



Another character for Ultratkt (Ultra Ticket), an American based scanner tag arrangement organization. The image was outlined by consolidating the letter ‘U’ from Ultratkt with an elucidation of the straight qualities found in standardized identifications.


H for Honey

Here comes one more amazing and minimalist logo design which has a broken letter in it. You can see that the name of the company is written below the broken capital letter which looks pretty neat and also looks eye-catching with those colors.



FORMA is a multi-useful building firm that offers authoritative arranging, outline and development. Its naming originates from the distinctive structures and stylish consequences of each compositional piece. Concerning the logo we built up an emblematic token made by geometric pieces that together, appear as the letter F.


Logofolio 2017

Here is an amazing cycle one of logos for 2017 where you can discover amazing logo designs. This is an extraordinary work and you can see beautiful color combination together with broken letter logos which look very creative.



Here is  one amazing logo designed by Grégoire d’Otreppe for Tierra which is a skincare brand. The designer has made the logo look extremely creative with  those broken letters and some sharp edges which mix with the theme perfectly.


R Simpler

Here comes a simple logo with a letter R designed by 


Equal Skincare

Here comes a log Equal for skincare and branding where you can see a very neat and tidy logo design which has all the letters in a perfect position except the first letter. The first letter is broken and provides a little creative touch to the whole design.


Asana Typeface Design

Asana is a show typeface outlined particularly for the use of a design store. The typeface has been developed on a strict geometric framework, enlivened by the geometric representations of yoga positions. The “R” and the adjusted corners of the inside spaces look beautiful.



VERTIQAL is a business managing in product exchange. The “A” without the center hash can speak to here and there of business sectors. Regardless of whether the organization name shows the verticality in their musings, the logo has grown evenly like their activity. The 3 lines of the “E” speak to the change from earth to life in the fields.



Motifo is an organization arranged in the core of Krakow in Poland. Their primary business is completely extensive inside outline. They make everything under the key. The logo has been made beautifully where you can see just one broken letter at the start which is M. The thought was to make a renowned and present day style.



Torimen is one stunning logo design which has been designed by Ken Lo. You can see a perfect color combination followed by beautiful letters which look very eye-catching. You can see that the letters are broken from the edges where they are normally connected to each other.


W Letter Logo

Here comes a yet another modern and creative logo design with a broken letter that looks absolutely stunning. This logo is fully editable and comes in the vector form. Moreover,m there are also some colors that you can choose from.

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