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    Each time we install the theme we think we are good then there are more bugs. Can someone please help with the following

    1. Cannot see the Menu Tab. It seems like it’s white and fades into the white header

    2. On the opening video, it seems to be paused on the shot of video instead of going straight into the video. Is there a way that we can lose that delay time and have the video play

    3. can the audio from the video play?

    4. Please see if there is a way to have the services tabs Words to all be on one line ex.
    HEADSHOTS, COMMERCIALs are on two line on desktop version. can we make the
    words active so they take you to the pages

    5. how can we remove the search tabs?

    6. Please change to ABOUT US – can we allign font in a different manner, sentence are

    7. EACH PAGE has the name of the page still showing at the top header, can we remove

    9. please make individual pages like we have on the orginal prime stone page with
    the three films. have two column page so i can add poster and video

    10. SHOW PAGE – please make individual pages so i can add each individual epiosde
    and a poster

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    Maria Do

    Hello there

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    Please send the following information to get the support faster:
    – Screenshot for details each issue.
    – FTP’s information
    – Site’s URL
    – WordPress admin account
    – Purchase Code& Purchase Date(to ensure you have bought the theme and deserve the good support).
    attached the invoice from envato.

    I will check your site to find out the solution.

    Don’t forget to mark reply as private below if you share any sensitive data.

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    Maria Do

    Hi Dretree

    Please give me full infomation i have requested to i can take a look and help you.

    Thank you.

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    Maria Do


    I can’t see URL your site.

    I can’t see WordPress admin access (user/password).

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    Maria Do

    Hello there

    Please reply me as soon as possible to i can help.

    Thank you.

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    Maria Do

    Hi there

    1.I need info your site (URL+WP admin access) to check that issues and see what did you do.

    2. You mean is this section?


    If right, there is no option to remove paused button.

    3.4:Sorry i’m not much understand you mean. Could you please show me screenshot for details.

    5. Where you want to remove search tabs? If you sevice page, you can remove it Appearance->Widgets:


    6.What section you’re talking about? Can i get screenshot?

    7. You can use Page settings for default page:


    Or you can use below css code to remove page title section for all pages (You can use Custom CSS plugin to add css code):

    div#page-title {
    display: none;

    8,9,10 Sorry i can’t see you mean.

    Thank you!

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