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    1: I cannot change font color there.
    2: Hover color cannot be changed.
    3: Background color needs to be changed.
    4: Hover color cannot be changed.


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    Mobile version has similar and more problems. What is done in the pc version doesn’t take effect in the mobile or tablet version. The logo in the mobile version is stretched up and down, looks bad.

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    Any update?

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    Maria Do

    Sorry so much! Some how i missed this ticket.

    I’ve checked your site.

    I saw the questions 1,2 solved.

    Question3: you can change the background color in row settings:


    Question4: The hover-color depends on the class of widgets:


    You can use below css code to change hover-color:

    .custom .btn.social:hover {
    background: red!important;
    border-color: red!important;

    Hope that helps.

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    Nº1 Solved – thank you

    Nº2 Solved in PC but not in mobile version.

    Nº3 Solved – thank you

    Nº4 Solved in PC but not in mobile version.


    Nº4 In mobile version the logo is stretched up and down as well as the menu icon.

    Nº5 Checkered lines. I have been able to change the yellow checkered lines from yellow to white. Where is the folder that contains all the checked yellow lines to change all of them, please, including mobile and tablet version.

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    Maria Do

    Hi there

    4. You can use below css to change height of logo on mobile device:

    @media (min-width: 768px){
    img.normal-logo {
    height: auto !important;

    5. Could you show me screenshot for this question?

    Thank you.

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